Marketing and Growth Advisory Collective for Exponential Growth

We are a group of senior marketing and growth executives and operators dedicated to helping venture-backed companies acquire, retain, and monetize users.

We excel at establishing and scaling product-led growth, enterprise SaaS, AI tools, and marketplace.

We drive the entire growth journey.

Strategy Audit

We conduct Growth and Marketing audit for assessment of current state, and create an integrated growth and markting strategy, tactics, and roadmap.
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Team management and coaching

We augment and empower your team with deep expertise and executive leadership. We coach, manage, design the org and vet candidates.
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Data and Process

We establish a solid data foundation, measurement structure, and experiment framework to help you build data-driven culture, process, and infrastructure.
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We use customer acquisition channels to drive top of funnel growth.
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We design product and marketing strategies and experiments to drive sustainable growth.
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Product-led Growth

We help drive product-led growth models going upmarket, or sales-led companies establishing PLG.
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We've worked with exceptional companies

From consumer technologies to fashion leaders – we’ve helped them scale growth.

Holly speaking at conference

Our team

We are a collective of senior executives who’ve grown companies such as Airtable, Grammarly, Loom, Miro, Otter, PagerDuty, Segment, Slack, Turing, Wealthfront, Zendesk. We’ve seen the scale and how it was done.

We also keep a close network of execution specialists who’ve worked with us before and whom we trust to execute campaigns and tactics when needed.

Founded by Holly Chen, who led growth and marketing at Slack, Google, Loom, Miro, ServiceNow and teaches at Berkeley and NYU.

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Our superpower

Our advisors not only talk strategy, but also get into the weeds with our functional expertise across growth marketing, product marketing, content marketing, SEO, marketing analytics and ops.
Product-Led Growth / Self-serve + Enterprise SaaS
Subscription model
DTC, eCommerce, marketplace

Where we fit

We come in when you already achieved product-market fit and want to supercharge your growth.

We work with Series B to pre-IPO companies.
Create a growth strategy and roadmap
Interim executive before hiring full time CMO/CGO
Build current team’s capabilities to be world class

Our values and style

Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job. We teach you how to fish, so that your team is equipped and empowered to own it after we leave.
Learning and growth
Empathy and deep connection
Openness and curiousity
⌃ How to build and scale unstoppable marketing teams

We engage however you need us.


Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly office hours on strategic guidance and execution feedback


Weekly or bi-weekly executive coaching for growth and marketing leaders.

Interim or Fractional Executive

Lead strategy, execution, and manage team, we engage full time or act as fractional CMO or CGO.

Deliverable-based projects

Time-bound engagements with clearly defined goals.


Customized workshops on PLG/SLG growth model, messaging and positioning, and marketing hiring.

We deliver results.

Scott Smith

CEO, CloudApp
Holly was incredible to work with. She showed up on day 1 with terrific enthusiasm and an uncanny ability to identify high leverage growth opportunities for our product. Loved her leadership and direction. She brought an immense wealth of insight, ideas, and energy. We looked to her for leadership in future planning, and which areas would provide the most leverage and quick returns to help our small team get results.

Xiaoyin Qu

Founder and CEO, Run the World
Holly is an amazing advisor that helps us spread head the GTM function from scratch. We really would recommend her to any fast growth startups and she is a truly a rockstar.

Ben Harris

Founder and CEO, Drop
It’s such a pleasure to work with Holly. She has the unique ability to quickly understand your business, rapidly build a mental SWOT, ask just the right questions and give strategic, actionable advice to address the most important issues.

Karina Qian

Head of Business Analytics, Miro
Holly was an amazing resource - super patient, thoughtful, helpful and authentic! My first project at Miro was tackling our paid marketing acquisition and I had only ever run 10 FB ad tests before; Holly gave me the context, confidence and insight to help me (and the company) really understand where our marketing spend was going and optimize it - saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars!

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