Marketing is a multi-disciplinary sport that spans brand, product, growth, content, analytics and ops.

Our team is your advisor, coach, executive, manager, and execution arm to help you achieve hypergrowth.


Holly Chen

Took Slack public as Head of Global Digital Marketing. Head of Google Store and Google B2B Websites. Advise PLG SaaS growth with companies like Loom, Miro, ServiceNow, Superhuman, and AI startups.

Bei Zhang

Ex-Head of Marketing Analytics at Grammarly and Point Digital Finance. Advise growth-stage companies in SaaS and Fintech such as Airgram and Ark7 on analytics and GTM strategy.

Gallant Chen

VP Digital Marketing at Zendesk from $100M to $400M. Advisor at Docusign, Eventbrite, 1Password, Intercom, Shopify, New Relic, Mixpanel, Nutanix, Upwork, and Thumbtack.

Rebecca Kline

Marketing executive with experience in cybersecurity, data, and developer-driven companies. Former SVP Marketing at Loom, VP Growth at PagerDuty, CMO and COO at Malwarebytes.

Kevin Wu

Led Airtable's evolution from PLG to SLG as the head of enterprise and solutions product marketing. Previous experience at Salesforce, AppDynamics, and WeWork.

Marin Perez

Built global content and SEO programs for Microsoft, as well as SEO/Content strategies for multiple unicorns like Kajabi and Bolt.

Chang Chen

Head of GTM and Growth for,, Microsoft Office 365, MileIQ, and CafePress, Built growth engines for B2B AI SaaS companies and PLG SaaS companies. Scaled use base from a few hundred to millions and ARR from 0 to $50M.

Maya Spivak

Marketing leader specializing in building beloved tech brands and brand marketing campaigns. 5-year Global Head of Brand Marketing and Communications at Segment, from $10M--> $130MM ARR and $3.2B acquisition by Twilio. Formerly Wealthfront, Mux, and Gretel.

Daniel Hu

Director of Strategy & Ops at Uniphore, Ex-VP of Ops at Turing. Advise startups on finding product-market fit and building revenue operations processes and systems to support growth.

Drew Price

20+ years of lifecycle experience and is best known for building out Grammarly’s email channel (from 0 to 3B personalized messages/year) from 2014 to 2020.

Jared Smith

Former marketing partner at Andreessen Horowitz, built and scaled its media operations and advised early-stage B2B startups. Previously led global content strategy at LinkedIn and co-founded Impact Theory. Experience spans content, organic growth, and demand gen.

Allie Beazell

Helping dev tool and data companies create and scale memorable, community-forward marketing strategies. Currently Marketing lead at Linear. Previously built content and developer marketing function at Census and technical content marketing program at Animalz.

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